Venue & PA Specs


18ft deep

24ft wide

3 ft from floor

18 feet from stage to ceiling

Projector screen w/ mounted rack installed, cable ready (Available upon request)



Front Of House

1 Behringer Ultra Drive Pro DCX2496

2QSC 1500A (highs)

3 QSC 3402 (mids)

3 QSC RMX 5050 (lows)

6 Yamaha S215V Dual 15in 2w

2 JBL MR Series 3 Way boxes (hanging)

2 Yamaha SW218V Dual 18in S

EV T18 reverse loaded 18” (4 under stage)



Soundcraft Spirit 240 Inputs/12 Aux Sends

DBX 166XL comp/gates (8 Ch)

DBX 1074 gates (4 Ch)

DBX 1231 31 Band EQ (4 Ch)

Ranee ME 60 (2 Ch)

4 EV TX1152 Floor Monitors

JBL JRX Series Single 15 (drum top)

JBL MR Series Single 18 (drum sub)

2 QSC 1500A

2 QSC 2000A

1 QSC 3000A

2 Carvin DMC 2000


Mics and Stands

Shure Beta 52 (2)

Sennheiser e604 (6)

Audix d2 (1)

Shure SM58(6)

Shure SM57(2)

Audix OM2(1)

Digital Reference DR-VX1(1)

Sennheiser e604(6)

Sennheiser e609(2)

Samson CO2(2)

Digital Reference DR-HX1(1)

Digital Reference DR-STX1(2)

Digital Reference DRV100(3)

DI Box(8)



2 Chauvet Colorstrip LED DM

4 Chauvet Intim Spot 150 LE

4 Par 64 Cans

2 Data Flash

AMER DJ DMX Operator Pro


Dressing Room

There is one private dressing room in the basement, with a bathroom stall and one shower. The room comes equipped with sofas, chairs, paintings, etc. There is also a large private commons area for opening acts complete with seating and tables for hospitality.